Plan de la ville de Bruxelles by Le Rouge, ingénieur géographe. 1745. (detail)

Bruxelles-Central / Brussel-Centraal, also known as Gare Centrale or Centraal Station, is a major public transport hub in Brussels, 380 metres from the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR).

There is a direct train line to the airport and to the Brussel-Zuid / Bruxelles-Midi station, the high-speed train terminus (Eurostar, Thalys, TGV, ICE).

At the same station, you can also catch a local train, e.g. to reach the centre of Antwerp. Read more about the Belgian rail network.

There is a metro station and several bus stops giving access to the STIB-MIVB public transport network in Brussels.

If you come by car, you will find a number of covered paying car parks lots in the area, e.g.

If you need a taxi in Brussels, there are three ways in which you can book or take one:

  • by telephoning a call centre;
  • by going to a taxi rank e.g rue Infante Isabelle;
  • by hailing a taxi in the street by signalling the driver.

List of taxis call centres:

  • +32 2 411 41 42 (Autolux)
  • +32 2 512 31 23 (Autolux)
  • +32 2 268 00 00 (Taxis Bleus)
  • +32 2 427 77 77 (Taxi Capital)
  • +32 2 349 49 49 (Taxis Verts)
  • +32 2 349 43 43 (Taxis Verts)