Terms and conditions


All payments of registration fees and payment for tours and visits must be made in advance. One of the following methods should be used for payments: bank transfer or credit card. Cheques will not be accepted.

Payments must be made in euros. All bank charges and exchange fees arising from the transaction are payable by the participant. The name of the participant must be shown on the bank advice note and a copy of the payment forwarded to the organising committee.


Refund of the registration fee, less a EUR 15.00 administration charge, may be applied for in writing to the organising committee up to six weeks before the start of the symposium. After this date no refund can be made. However a replacement participant may attend without incurring any financial penalty. Refunds will be settled after the symposium.

Contractual terms

The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be the substantive law of Belgium.

The organising committee reserve the right to decline symposium registration to any person without further explanation.


The organisers decline any liability for damages incurred during the Symposium.