Brabant septentrionale : Brussel : Lier : Loven : Sluys. – [Paris [Amsterdam] : Alexis-Hubert Jaillot [Pierre Mortier], 1692]. (detail)

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Access to buildings

Access for disabled persons is easy in all parts of the Event Centre i.e. the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) and also in the buildings visited during the Symposium.

Bags and lockers

Lockers are available in the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR); you need a EUR 1.00 coin to operate them.


There is a number of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) where you can withdraw cash in the city centre. The nearest to the Royal Library of Belgium are in the Central Station.


For geographical information on Belgium see here (Wikipedia) and here (Wikivoyage).


Typical temperatures in October in Belgium: between 13°C and 18°C (55°F / 65°F). Light rainfall is common.

See here (Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium) for more information.


Information on the measures applicable in relation with the Covid-19 pandemics — including quarantine and testing upon arrival in Belgium — can be found here.


A lot of information about the Symposium and your stay in Brussels will be provided by the people present at the Frontdesk.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi is available in the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR).


In case of health emergency, call 112, the European emergency phone number.

In case of need, help could be obtained from the following hospitals in the Brussels area:

All participants should make sure they are properly covered by their own health insurance or take out additional insurance coverage.


It is recommended to book accommodation very early in view of  European Community/Market conferences often taking place in Brussels with high numbers of participants.

See here.


A Welcome pack will be handed to you when you register at the Symposium, containing information on the Symposium, the venue, your stay, the city of Brussels and its transportation network, etc. Further information can be provided by the people present at the Frontdesk.


Language in Brussels can be a confusing matter to visitors. The common language is French, with around 90% of the population in Brussels speaking it passably to fluently. You can easily get by with English, especially in the tourist areas. Dutch is also an official language: within Brussels, the population that speaks Dutch passably to fluently is limited to around 20%, though Dutch-speakers make up the majority of Belgium as a whole. Because Brussels is the country’s capital, when it comes to official matters, French and Dutch have equal status in Brussels, with sometimes complicated rules to ensure a balance between the two.
From Wikvoyage.

Lunch at KBR or elsewhere

Information about restaurants are available here.

Belgian press in English

Printing and photocopying

Printing and photocopying is possible at the reception desk of the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR).


See here.


See here.


See here.

Travel to Belgium

During the Covid-19 pandemics, travel to Belgium has been restricted.

Non-essential travel to Belgium is allowed only for residents of the countries listed here. Residents from these countries can travel to Belgium again under exactly the same visa conditions as before the Covid-19 pandemics.

All persons travelling through Belgium and who are staying at least 48 hours must fill out an identification form named Passenger Locator Form. You can find this form here

Travellers are expected to comply with the applicable measures regarding Covid-19 quarantine and testing upon arrival in Belgium. All relevant information about this can be found here .


The main venue for the Symposium is the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR).

See Location page and map.


Participants are responsible for acquiring visa for entry in case these are required for their nationality. Read more.


See Climate.


Free WiFi is available in the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR).