About Brussels

Plan routier de la ville de Bruxelles et de ses environs, à l’usage des habitants et des étrangers, dressé par G. Jacowick, éd. de l’imprimerie Didot l’ainé, à Paris 1812. (detail)

Although Brussels likes to be considered as the Capital of Europe, it is not a very large city (about one million people) and in the historical centre most places of interest are within walking distance.

Between the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) — the main venue for the Symposium — the Central Station and the Grand Place [seventeenth century main square] there is a wealth of hotels, restaurants and cafés.

At the time of writing, it is difficult to predict the conditions under which these will be available following the pandemic. The information below must be considered as provisional; it will be updated as soon as possible.